You Should Avoid These Skincare Ingredients This Summer!

You Should Avoid These Skincare Ingredients This Summer!

Summer is a time to pull out those bathing suits and flip flops and put away those large winter coats. Yet summer also means more sun exposure, which means your skin care routine might need a shift. Your skin, like anything else, needs a change in its routine. During the wintertime most people deal with dry and flaky skin whereas the summer adds in humidity and moisture. So for summer some ingredients should not be part of your routine. 

For example, you would think products like retinol should take a backseat, but dermatologists say that's not necessarily true. Retinol promotes the production of collagen and cell turnover in the skin, which has the effect of improving the skin's appearance. Due to its ability to attract new cells to the surface, it can also increase the skin's sensitivity to the sun, which could put you at a greater risk for sunburn. While you can store it until the end of summer if you like, if you use increased diligence, you can continue to use it until early fall. So which ingredients should you avoid? Scroll down to see what needs to go.

In the summer, avoid these skin-care ingredients 

1. Peels and exfoliants that contain harsh chemicals

Alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids, which are active exfoliating ingredients, can make skin more sensitive to the sun and external aggressors.  Peels can still be done in the summer, but with gentler activities that are safer to use in the sunnier months, such as mild lactic and azelaic acids.

You should try to use a gentle cleanser to clear your skin in the summertime, something like Skin Logic’s Rosehip Regenerative Balancing Cleanser. It has no harsh dyes or fragrance to gently balance sensitive skin while delivering all the regenerative benefits of Rosehip Seed Oil. It also contains Neem Leaf Extract for further calming and soothing benefits. It has nurturing benefits and is an excellent choice for even the most sensitive or stressed skin conditions. 

2. Abrasive facial scrubs

During the warmer months, the exfoliating particles in physical face scrubs and exfoliators can often be too abrasive for your skin and cause redness, irritation, and micro-injuries. In the summer, it's riskier to use such products since we're exposed to harsher aggressors, such as sunlight, humidity, heat, the ocean, and swimming pools.

3. Oil in SPF

Sunscreen easily clogs pores, especially formulas that are made with oil. It is important to seek out oil-free varieties. 

4. Essential oils that contain Citrus

Since citrus oils, such as orange, lemon, and grapefruit, may make your skin more photosensitive or more prone to sun damage, you should avoid using products containing citrus oils or extracts during the months when the sun is harshest.